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Build your brand from the inside out

Can you honestly say that ALL of your employees understand your brand and what it stands for? If not, then you are not communicating your brand effectively to your customers. Read more »

How can my business stand out in a busy marketplace?

I can almost guarantee that your marketplace is full of numerous undifferentiated businesses, pushing too many messages, through too many channels. How can prospective customers and clients possibly see the wood for the trees? Read more »

From growth to greatness with brand innovation

Did your business get off to a sprinting start then begin to slow? Are you feeling that the momentum started to slip and things beginning to stagnate? If so, the growth plateau phase of your journey may have just arrived. Read more »

Rebranding is more than skin deep

Sooner or later the time comes when every brand must make a change. The skill is in understanding to what extent and when that change is necessary. Read more »

If marketing’s the talk, then branding’s the walk

Like any successful double act, both branding and marketing are essential partners. Each is distinctly different and every business needs both. Recognising their roles helps to build a better business with more value and a longer life. Read more »

Employees bring a brand to life

Why is it that some businesses struggle to recruit and others have hundreds of applicants for every job? How is it that some brands invoke zealot-like enthusiasm in their employees and others, a lacklustre indifference? And what are certain organisations doing to generate enviable productivity levels, whilst others lag behind? Read more »

Your customers want less, not more

Welcome to a world of brands where less-is-most-definitely-more and where subtraction always creates a positive result. In a marketplace of increasing complexity, an enlightened breed of organisations have found that embracing simplicity can deliver far-reaching results. Read more »

Why brands with a purpose do better

Many start-ups launch with a clear sense of purpose. They have identified a need, for which they have provided an answer. A truly enduring purpose is not one that describes what you do, it’s one defined by ‘why’ you do it. Read more »

How to uncover your brand purpose

Defining and applying a purpose can have the most profound effect on a business. Following on from our article ‘Why brands with a purpose do better’ here’s a few tips on how to uncover yours. Read more »

Increase your brand visibility

In any crowded marketplace, the most effective way of increasing brand visibility is to simplify. As brand gurus Al Ries and Laura Ries so succinctly put it, “a brand becomes stronger when you narrow the focus”. Use the Simplification Funnel to help your brand stand out. Read more »

Four simple steps to a great brand name

Nothing is more instant in shaping the perception of a brand than a name. Great brand names can appear in a momentary flash of inspiration or can be the product of a relentless search. Read more »

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