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Welbeing is a leading national provider of telecare and telehealth services to individuals seeking peace of mind and organisations who deliver care and support to vulnerable people. Their continued growth required evolution of the brand proposition. Firebrand helped them redefine their unique positioning and is using it to communicate to multiple markets.


  • Competitor Research
  • Brand Compass
  • Brand Identity
  • Retail Branding
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns


  • Analyse and define the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Develop brand positioning and key propositions for each market.
  • Create guidelines to unify the identity and brand collateral.

Our approach


Catering for diverse range customers needs

We worked with staff to create customer profiles in both B2B and B2C markets. Our simplified personas ensure that Welbeing’s propositions are sharply focussed. A hierarchy of messaging, both factual and emotional, allows them to create more effective and consistent communications.


Defining their brand differentiation

We conducted a competitor analysis to identify the markets where their business competes most strongly. We also worked with Welbeing to refine their promise, personality and language and then captured these in a brand compass to ensure that the organisation speaks with a coherent voice.


A revitalised identity to support the key messages

Refinements to the brand mark and tagline have ensured the identity stays fresh, whilst updated colour palettes help to visually differentiate B2B & B2C channels. These revisions are incorporated in brand guidelines that control the look of literature, documentation and vehicle liveries.

Welbeing brand identity
Welbeing adverts and leaflets
Welbeing website on a laptop
Welbeing website on a smartphone
Charlene Saunders

“Firebrand have refined our positioning to help us deliver the right messages to each of our customers.” Charlene Saunders, Marketing Manager, Welbeing