Defining meaningful brand values for a global fintech

Aptitude Brand Values

Aptitude creates world-leading software to help corporate finance officers plan financial strategies and reduce risk.

Following a successful brand strategy programme with Firebrand, we were again called on to help build a strong internal culture through defining the authentic and unique values that Aptitude possess.


  • Custom Workshop
  • Bespoke Exercises
  • SLT Questionnaire
  • Interview Guidance
  • Copywriting
  • Values Design


  • Complement the new brand strategy with internal values framework
  • Create unique, genuine and memorable values, not boilerplate ‘words-on-a-wall’
  • Align values with an action-orientated, behavioural framework.
Creating a custom workshop programme​

Creating a custom workshop programme

Firebrand worked closely with the Aptitude HR team to prepare for the schedule of events. A custom values workshop was created, composed of warm-up, individual and group exercises. The deliverables included a explanatory slide deck for the session, worksheet posters, exercise sheets, game cards and facilitator notes.

Capturing the brand values that draw us together​

Capturing the brand values that draw us together

Following extensive questionnaires for the senior leadership team and additional surveys, the hands-on, discovery program went out to employees. Ten workshops were held in London, Boston, Wroclaw and Singapore over the space of two months, involving more than 60% of the global workforce.

Delivering a foundation for cultural expression​

Delivering a foundation for cultural expression

Workshop output was collected, distilled and synthesised into core themes and ideas. Differentiation and personality were woven into the wording. The final set of mottos, descriptions and supporting statements were honed into a three tier value system, and aligned with Aptitude’s behavioural framework.

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