Transforming connectivity for businesses & education


Beaming is creating a new standard for data and telephone connectivity. Fanatical about service, they are a business that’s all about delivering the right result to each and every one of their customers. Firebrand have helped them in building a brand that communicates their unique proposition.


  • Personas
  • Competitor Research
  • Brand Compass
  • Creative Platform
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Branding


  • Appeal to the needs of a wide variety of customer types
  • Differentiate and position Beaming in a competitive space
  • Communicate key propositions simply in a crowded market
Redefining an overly complex market

Redefining an overly complex market

With the use of customer profiling, Firebrand we’re able to identify the full range of customer needs and emotional drivers. The creation of simplified personas gives the sales team renewed clarity whilst also underpinning the brand strategy. Then Competitor Analysis identified the white space where key propositions could be most effective.
We’re different. No, we really are different

We’re different. No, we really are different

During the course of several team workshops with simple exercises, we defined the company’s vision, positioning, brand truths and personality. These and other brand elements were distilled into a Brand Compass document that provides a filter for all actions and foundation for moving forward.
A strategy to amplify their difference

A strategy to amplify their difference

Presented with an organisation that is genuinely better than the industry norm, provided us with a great opportunity. Beaming live the promise. The development of a distinctive creative platform using vibrant illustrations project a business that is confident, credible and clearly differentiated in the data connectivity and telephony market.
Beaming logo
Beaming lifestyle photography
Beaming website on mobile
Beaming brochure
Beaming illustrations
Beaming direct mail

A creative platform backed by a consistent identity

A brand audit ensured the identity has been applied seamlessly across both internal and customer-facing touchpoints. These include office interiors, pop-up stands, recruitment advertising, forms and stationery.

A website structure to target varying customer needs

Utilising the customer personas we were able to cater for the varying strategic and technical requirements of the audience. These are reflected in the site architecture with access via sector, goals, solutions and products. Tailored calls-to-action are designed to increase sales enquiries.

Marketing communications to generate new opportunities

Decision makers in key sectors were targeted with direct marketing. Links to tailored web landing pages provided additional information and calls-to-action whilst enabling conversion tracking. The campaign was co-ordinated with the sales team for maximum impact and response rates.