An enticing new place brand of untold hidden gems

Wealden District Council

Wealden District Council required a new place brand to help drive tourism and raise awareness of the fantastic places and culture within the Wealden district. Firebrand carried out a series of online brand workshops, working closely with the Wealden team to create a brand strategy and brand identity that encapsulates and communicates the unique characteristics of the Wealden region. 


  • Brand Insights
  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Key Messages
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Define a brand strategy that sets the place brand apart
  • Select a name that clearly communicates the positioning
  • Design a new brand identity that encapsulates the region
  • Create brand guidelines that help maintain consistency
Creating a custom workshop programme​

Creating a custom workshop programme

Firebrand worked closely with the Aptitude HR team to prepare for the schedule of events. A custom values workshop was created, composed of warm-up, individual and group exercises. The deliverables included a explanatory slide deck for the session, worksheet posters, exercise sheets, game cards and facilitator notes.

Capturing the brand values that draw us together​

Capturing the brand values that draw us together

Following extensive questionnaires for the senior leadership team and additional surveys, the hands-on, discovery program went out to employees. Ten workshops were held in London, Boston, Wroclaw and Singapore over the space of two months, involving more than 60% of the global workforce.

Delivering a foundation for cultural expression

Workshop output was collected, distilled and synthesised into core themes and ideas. Differentiation and personality were woven into the wording. The final set of mottos, descriptions and supporting statements were honed into a three tier value system, and aligned with Aptitude’s behavioural framework.

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“It was a great experience working with all the guys at Firebrand. They helped us explore all the opportunities and discover the perfect brand. A big thank you from Explore Wealden and Wealden District Council.”

Jane Kilby, Tourism Officer, Wealden District Council