Rebranding a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy

Human Givens Branding

Human Givens is a unique worldwide approach to psychotherapy that works in tune with innate human needs. Firebrand helped them articulate who they are and how they’re different. We then united their diverse logos with a vibrant family of brand marks and a set of identity guidelines.


  • Brand Research
  • Brand Compass
  • Brand Architecture
  • Tagline Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Clarify core purpose and communication language
  • Create a unified image across organisation divisions
  • Provide a framework for consistent implementation
Human Givens brand identity
Human Givens client testimonial
Human Givens poster
Human Givens stationery
Human Givens tagline
Human Givens logo
Human Givens College pack
Human Givens billboard poster
Human Givens website on mobile
Human Givens brand guidelines