Sushinho restaurant branding

Delighting diners with the flavours of Brazil and Japan

Sushinho Branding

Sushinho restaurants combine the rich, diverse cuisines of Brazil and Japan to create a unique dining event.

Firebrand captured these flavours with vibrant branding inside and out, to attract more clientele and deliver an authentic customer experience.


  • Competitor Research
  • Creative Platform
  • Brand Identity
  • Internal & External Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • Photography Art Direction


  • Encapsulate the restaurants’ unique style with a refreshed look and feel.
  • Increase bookings through a rich online visual experience.
  • Create a consistent experience across all customer touch-points.


Sushinho logo before

The original brand identity was simple coloured typography but failed to capture the style of the restaurants.


The new hand drawn brush mark is more distinctive and captures the vibrance and heritage of the cultures it represents.

Sushinho logo on bamboo background
Sushinho logo on carnival background
Sushinho logo on palm background
Sushinho website screenshots
Sushinho signage
Sushinho restaurant
Sushinho bar
Sushinho restaurant
Sushinho beef dish
Sushinho sushi dish
Sushinho drinks
Sushinho cocktails