Delighting diners with the flavours of Brazil and Japan


Sushinho restaurants combine the rich, diverse cuisines of Brazil and Japan to create a unique dining event. Firebrand captured these flavours with vibrant branding inside and out, to attract more clientele and deliver an authentic customer experience.


  • Competitor Research
  • Creative Platform
  • Brand Identity
  • Internal & External Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • Photography Art Direction


  • Encapsulate the restaurants’ unique style with a refreshed look and feel
  • Increase bookings through a rich online visual experience.
  • Create a consistent experience across all customer touch-points
Sushinho Chelsea signage
Sushinho brand identity
Sushinho mobile website
Sushinho background texture
Sushinho drinks photography
Sushinho lifestyle photography
Sushinho background texture
Sushinho website
Sushinho City signage