Uncovering the true purpose of a European UCaaS brand


Gamma has rapidly become one of the dominant players in the UK communications market and increasingly in mainland Europe. For six months, Firebrand worked with senior leadership and employees to build a strong, clear and differentiated brand strategy.


  • Insight & Planning
  • Online Workshops
  • In-Person Workshops
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Compass


  • Gather inclusive insight from across the organisation
  • Realign the master brand focus after a series of M&As
  • Deliver a coherent and distinctive brand strategy to guide the business for the next decade
Gamma online workshops

Preparing well to form a solid foundation for success

Firebrand prepared at-a-glance background information to help workshop participants understand the context of their exercises. In advance of the in-person workshops, three strategy sessions were held on online whiteboards. This allowed participants to break out of silos and prepare valuable ideas and concepts for the day.

In-person workshops

Uncovering a shared purpose and vision

Firebrand’s team of experienced facilitators ran a series of one-day workshops at various UK offices. By combining online preparation with proven exercises, the teams could find consensus and establish a shared purpose, vision, brand archetype, and unique offering. The themes were then tested in a company-wide survey.
In person workshops

Delivering a distinctive brand strategy for the future

The results of seven workshops were analysed and synthesised for a final international workshop with the senior leadership team. Firebrand then worked with Gamma to incorporate mission pillars to operationalise the strategy. Detailed wordsmithing was undertaken before the delivery of the final Brand Compass document.
Era of complexity
Gamma logo
Gamma onlyness
Gamma purpose statement
Gamma vision statement
Gamma vision statement
Work Smarter
Better Connected
Good Business
Gamma mission
Gamma brand compass

“I think this has been a brilliant piece of work and really brought out the identity of Gamma. When I think about the areas my teams have responsibility for, I can visibly connect much of what we care about to this, which certainly passes the first test in my mind.”

John Murphy

John Murphy, Group Operations Director, Gamma